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Before the CQC comes knocking make sure you are prepared.
  • Preparation can't start on the day they arrive and you may get no warning so it pays to be prepared all the time.
  • CQC would like to think that they regulate care. In truth, they are much more a regulator of the documentation of care. So make sure your documents (all of them, not just the PIR) are as good as you are.
  • Inspection reports are always anonymized (except in relation to the provider). This can make responding to damaging accusations exceptionally difficult. During the inspection, record everything that happens, from who they talk to, to which documents they see. They'd rather have your office and unmonitored access to your files. But that would leave you without an office and without a clue as to what they had seen. Stand your ground. Tell them you need your office. Give them space to work and any files that they ask for, but write down everything.
  • After the inspection, don't delay. Were they unreasonable? If so, make a complaint right away, or at least seek some advice. Leave it too long and it lacks impact. If they came in looking for inadequate instead of good, they will probably find it, but waiting until you get the draft report will make your complaint look like no more than sour grapes.
  • When you do get the draft report, if it is wrong, get advice right away. You only have 10 working days to challenge the factual accuracy of the report and there can be a lot of work to do to prepare submissions and gather evidence.
  • You may feel like you just want to challenge the proposed rating, but a ratings review comes later and is wholly dependent on the facts in the report. If you don't challenge the facts, you probably won't be able to challenge the rating.
  • Do they want to close you down? Even if you've had enough, it can be worth fighting. A going concern is worth so much more than the assets it uses. Even if you want to exit, don't throw your money away.

If you need help, we can generally offer you a low fixed fee. For example, to challenge the factual accuracy of a draft inspection report, our fixed fee is £2,500 + VAT.

BladeLaw has extensive experience in this field. If you think you might need some help, why not get in touch? You will never be charged a penny until we have discussed the charges and you have decided that the cost is worth it to you.