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Popular myths about contracts
  • We've never written anything down, so we don't have a contract. Wrong!
  • We've exchanged emails but I didn't sign anything so I don't have a contract. Wrong!
  • We never spoke about our standard terms and conditions but if they'd wanted to see them I'd have sent them. They are always part of my contracts. Wrong!
  • If the company can't pay, the court will make its directors pay. Wrong!
  • Unreasonable terms in contracts are always void anyway so it doesn't matter what it says. Wrong!
  • As a consumer I can always change my mind within 21 days even if I signed a contract. Wrong!
  • There is no way I'll go to court anyway so it doesn't matter what the contract says. Wrong!
  • Getting a lawyer to look at my contract will cost a fortune. Wrong!
  • I don't need a lawyer to help me write a contract. Are you sure?

The truth is that contract law is a bit more complicated than people generally think. Getting your contract drafted by a solicitor will give you the peace of mind that the contract really does what you want. The best contracts get put in the drawer and never looked at again. They were good contracts though, because the parties understood exactly what they were getting. Without the misunderstandings, no disputes arose and the contract was never needed again.

If you are in any doubt about your contract, let us take a look. BladeLaw never charges a penny unless and until we have quoted you for the work and you have decided that the service is worth the money.