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Being a landlord isn't always as easy as people think. This is particularly the case when, for one reason or another, you want your tenant to leave.

Even if the tenants want to leave, they often can't. Tenants who are reliant on the local authority are often told that if they leave before the bailiff is on the doorstep, they will be treated as voluntarily homeless, absolving the local authority of responsibility. Sometimes the local authority can be convinced that's not right, but not always.

To be certain the tenant will leave, the only sure-fire method is a bailiff's appointment. That should be easy enough, but all too often, it isn't. A tiny mistake in your tenancy agreement, provision of statutory information to the tenant, protection of the deposit or the notice to quit, can render everything void.

Often the tenant will have stopped paying the rent and will have no money to pay that, let alone any other costs that arise. The faster you get them out, the less you lose.

This is where BladeLaw can help. By checking everything carefully as only an experienced lawyer can, and by making sure everything is beyond question, we can avoid the expensive delays that occur when you have to go back and start the process again.

Importantly, we won't charge you an arm and a leg for our help either. We generally work on the following fixed fees. (Note that in most cases, several of these steps will not be required):
  • Tenancy review: £50 +VAT
  • Drafting and serving a notice to quit: £50 +VAT
  • Drafting and issuing a possession claim: £100 +VAT
  • Responding to a defence: £100 +VAT
  • Preparing a witness statement: £150 +VAT
  • Representation at a hearing: £500 +VAT
  • Requesting a bailiff's appointment: £50 +VAT

If you think we might be able to help, but you are not sure which steps you might require, give BladeLaw a call. You won't be charged a penny until we have agreed what help you require and what it will cost.