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The words of Shakespeare's Juliet seemed to fit her plight, but would you want to change your business name any more than Romeo wanted to change his?

You've built up a reputation for your business that keeps clients coming through the door. You may doubt that anyone would copy you. But what if they did? What if they chose a similar name or logo? Wouldn't you want to stop them? How would you feel if you received a call from a customer trying to contact a new competitor? You probably wouldn't mind taking their business, but what if they start taking yours?

Using the goodwill that another company has built up to benefit your business by misleading customers is unlawful but it can be extremely difficult to prove. How many customers or potential customers are you going to canvas to get the proof you need? Whilst we can help in this sort of situation, there is an easier way.

Registering a trademark provides the protection you need. Any good lawyer will tell their client that if they are using a name or logo that looks or sounds like a registered trademark, they had better stop, because the case against them will be so easily won. This is the point where a short letter from us, setting out the position, usually receives a rapid, positive response.

If you haven't yet registered your trademark, give us a call and let us help. Our fixed fee registration service at £500 +VAT provides excellent value for money.

If problems have already arisen, the sooner we are involved, the more we are likely to be able to do. Give us a call so that we can review the position with you, explain what can be done and how much it will cost. BladeLaw won't charge a penny until we have done that and you are convinced that the service offered will provide great value to you.