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Far too many of us put off writing a will until it's too late. Finding just the right time is probably a bit too much to expect as most of us just don't quite know when we will die. Therefore, if you think it's too soon now, that's probably as close to the right time as any of us is ever going to get. Too late, really is too late. If you think you have a good reason not to worry about a will, you might be interested in the following, all of which are popular misconceptions:
  • Wills are only for old people, or people with lots of money.
  • Debts will die with me and all contracts come to an end.
  • Marriage won't change my will. We are common law partners anyway.
  • My spouse will get everything anyway.
  • There is no problem for my family to be cut out of my will.
  • My family will decide how to split my estate.
  • My family will save on the cost of probate if I don't have a will.
  • If I die without a will, the state gets everything.
  • It takes years to get probate, it'll be quicker without it.
  • As the oldest child, I am entitled to be the executor of my parent's estate.
  • I own my music collection and can leave it to whoever I want.
  • My colleagues don't need me to write a will for them to carry on with the business.
  • Any will writer can write any will. It makes no difference that I own my own business.

If you think it might be the right time after all, why not get in touch?
The normal fixed fee of £350 +VAT for a will is extremely competitive for the peace of mind it offers.