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This service provides a quick and efficient way for BladeLaw to evaluate your 'small' claim.

You sign up for the service using an online form. Your identity will be checked automatically. You pay £75 incl. VAT by credit card. Note that this service is not available where the client wishes to rely on insurer or other third-party funding.

You get advice over the phone for up to 30 mins to establish the strength of your claim and how best to proceed with it.

BladeLaw does not advise on personal injury or clinical negligence claims. The Cut to the Quick service does not include the review of any documents. This service is only available to UK resident individuals with a UK bank account. You must be able to provide details of a current UK passport, UK driving licence and UK national insurance number. If online identity checks fail, you will be required to provide copies of your passport and driving licence. If you fail to provide ID or do not qualify for this service (as above), your fee will be forfeit to cover administration costs.

If this service is not right for you, please contact BladeLaw to find out what other service might be better.

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