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The words of Crocodile Dundee faced with street punks trying to take his money. If you want to dominate, you have to get the big guns out. The key to effective commercial debt recovery is to show you mean it right from the start. We are not talking about any sort of heavy-handed, bullying tactics, just communication that cuts right to the chase and leaves the debtor in no doubt about their position. Most lawyers offer a 'debt recovery letter' very cheaply or even free of charge. These are normally worth just what you paid for them. A couple of lines that say an invoice was raised and hasn't been paid tells the debtor nothing they didn't already know except that you are not serious.

At BladeLaw we take a different approach. If you are faced with the typical debtor who ignores your letters or gives endless excuses, but no real reason as to why they haven't paid yet, let us write the claim. We won't send it to the court in the first instance, just to the debtor, but they will see from that, that you mean business. Most debtors pay when they see that.

If they don't, we won't charge you any more to send the claim to the court and, if the debtor still has their head in the sand, to obtain a judgment for you. You will have to pay the court fee (which depends on the level of the debt but are around 5% of the value), but that's all. If all of this prompts the debtor to put up a defence, we will be at your side to advise. For more information on that, see the Litigation service page. For more information on court fees, see

The cost to deliver the service in a situation like the above? So long as you have a written contract (even if that was an exchange of a couple of emails) and have delivered according to that agreement, just £100 (plus VAT at 20%) irrespective of the size of the debt. Most solicitors would charge several times that figure to get you a judgment. If your debt recovery problem is a little more complicated than this, the cost will be a little more, but you can be assured of the most cost effective service possible.