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The employment relationship can be a difficult one, but critical to your business. Having an experienced commercial solicitor at your side can make life much easier.

Starting any relationship right can often be decisive in how it ends. If your contracts are not up to scratch, you've missed an opportunity to solve some disputes before they even arise.

Of course, some employees will never be happy. Others will be happy but won't be contributing. Getting rid of them may seem impossible. The law may appear to stand in your way. Used properly though, the law is there to protect you too, not just your employees.

During the employment relationship, avoiding falling foul of the law can be tricky. Understanding equality law, working time regulations, flexible working and a whole plethora of other legislation is a job for a lawyer, not a manager.

We can help with:

Whether you need regular advice and guidance or just a one-off issue resolving, give us a call. In most cases we can offer a low fixed fee. We never charge a penny until we have understood your issue, explained to you what we can do and what it will cost and you are convinced that we can add value to your business.