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Children calling each other names might be harmless fun, but when your business reputation is on the line, the time for laughing is over.

A good lawyer will probably tell you that defamation is the claim you never want to have to bring to court. It can be a very difficult claim to bring. But the courts view the plight of businesses, that can be ruined with rumours, very differently to the complaints of disgruntled ex-lovers.

In any case, litigation isn't everything and, in this context, is rarely needed. Time and time again, an ex-employee will think very differently about what they post on Facebook and Twitter after they have had a firm solicitor's letter explaining to them what will happen if they continue. Equally, social media sites are now well aware of their obligations and have systems in place to take down defamatory posts in double-quick time when they are formally put on notice.

If you fear your business might be a victim, give BladeLaw a call. We'll review the position, discuss what can be done and work out what it will cost. You won't be charged you a penny until you have decided that the service provides good value to you and your business.